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Integrating Slack and Sideways 6

Sideways 6 is a crowdsourcing and idea management platform that enables companies to harness their employee insights using existing internal networks like Slack.


Although we have an application listed in the Slack App store, your company will need a live subscription to the Sideways 6 platform for you to use it to collect employee ideas from Slack.

Once the Sideways 6 app has been installed in Slack, you will be taken to the Sideways 6 web application home page.

Please login with the credentials supplied to you by your Sideways 6 Customer Success Manager.

Connecting Slack and Sideways 6

To set up a connection between your Slack workspace and Sideways 6, you need to re-log in to Sideways 6 platform from an incognito or private tab/window and go the Settings section of your menu (in the top right corner – just click on your name).

From here, select the 'Integrations' tab and select the tab for 'Slack'. If you already have any integrations through Slack, they'll be shown here.

In the bottom left corner, there will be an option to 'Add a Slack connection'. Click here and give your integration a title.

Slack and Sideways 6 integration

Click Authenticate. You'll be shown a login window asking for your Slack credentials.

Note: We recommend connecting your Slack and Sideways 6 platforms through a Slack account with Full Admin privileges.


Log in with your Slack account and press Authorize to allow us access to your workspace.

slack-guide-authorizeAfter this, a new integration should be visible on your integrations page. You just need to 'Save' it and you're good to go!


Our Integration with Slack

Our Slack integration provides a great way to capture employee ideas in your business and bring the best ones to life faster.

All employees need to do is post their ideas to a specific Slack channel. These ideas will then be synced to the Sideways 6 platform and stored in the single ideas management table where you can sort and filter them by a wide range of criteria.

Automated communications (Pings) then enable you to close the feedback loop by making it simple and easy to update idea submitters on the progress of their ideas at each stage of the journey.

slack-guide-new-idea-thank-youOnce ideas are captured, the 'Reviews' feature allows you to gather feedback on shortlisted ideas from the experts within your business.


To conclude

Slack is the perfect channel to listen to employee ideas from within your business.

Integrating the Sideways 6 ideas management platform allows you to easily capture employee ideas and bring the best ones to life!

If you've installed the Sideways 6 Slack application and you're interested in setting up a subscription, please contact matt.calver@sideways6.com.

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The State of Employee Ideas

We conducted the world's biggest survey on the state of employee ideas and whether companies actually listen to them.

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