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The Bytron Story: Empowering Ideas quickly with Microsoft Teams

How Bytron is giving every employees a voice and improving process simply

We spoke to Charlotte Roberts, People Marketing Associate at Bytron Aviation Systems, one of the leading software companies in aviation, about how the company tapped into their workforce's ideas to improve their business and drive engagement using the employee idea management tool: Ideas Lite. 

The Challenge: 

In a dynamic and far-reaching industry like software development, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration is crucial. Bytron, is a small company (50 employees) specializing in software for the aviation industry, required a seamless and intuitive platform to harness the power of employee ideas.  

“As a leadership team, we agreed to pursue a mechanism to empower our employees to share ideas as a key component to our progress and future success. The challenge was ‘how’ to do this meaningfully and successfully”. 

For small organizations where budgets are tight and return on investment is expected quickly, the solution needed to be cost-effective but also easily integrated into their existing flow of work to ensure quick and easy adoption. 

The Solution:

Enter Ideas Lite, a game-changer in idea management software, designed specifically for small companies and integrated seamlessly within Microsoft Teams.

ideas Lite product

Unlike other solutions, Ideas Lite was cost-efficient, uncomplicated and prevented Bytron from building a whole new system. The integration with Microsoft Teams and ease of use were critical factors in the decisions to give Ideas Lite a go as the product offered a solution that would easily blend into the existing digital environment used daily by its employees.  

When we found that Ideas Lite by Sideways 6 integrated with Teams it was a no-brainer to try it out.”  

The Transformation:

Ideas Lite revolutionized the way ideas were shared and discussed at Bytron. The platform's seamless presence in Microsoft Teams, a tool already familiar to the workforce, ensured easy navigation and high adoption rates.  

The app being within Teams and down the left sidebar has made it much easier to incorporate the program into the company as it’s in a place everyone uses daily and is familiar with. It is also easy to navigate through the campaigns and see ideas all in one place.”  

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Ideas could now be effortlessly posted, voted on, and reviewed, enhancing collaboration and making every employee feel heard.  

Within 4 weeks, over 66% of all Bytron employees had used the app, and over 30 unique ideas were submitted. 

quote of a bytron employee with his photo

One notable idea was the suggestion of a 'cool-off' period for the software development team, allowing them time to unwind and review progress post-release. This idea became popular and was quickly moved through the ideas stages, and implemented which was immensely beneficial for the team's productivity and morale. 

“As one of the most popular ideas, the cool-off period was quickly reviewed by the leadership and implemented within a few months which was hugely appreciated by the team. It not only showed that the system worked but that their ideas are valued and genuinely listened to.”  

The Impact: 

Ideas Lite has proven to be more than just an idea management tool; it has become a catalyst for organizational change and innovation.

It has allowed members of staff from all departments to easily voice their ideas at any point in the day, which could lead to something that no one has ever thought of. Having the ability to do this from the comfort of their own workspace and not in a timed meeting or environment, gives our team more confidence to share what ideas they think of.” 

The ease of use, coupled with its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, has made it an indispensable tool for the organization. It has fostered a culture where every voice is valued, and every idea has the potential to be transformative. 


Conclusion and Advice: 

For organizations considering adopting Ideas Lite, Charlotte’s advice is clear:

Believe in your staff, no matter what role, as anyone has the potential to come up with that big idea to help shape and develop your company further!” 

If you, like Charlotte and her team, believe that your employees have great ideas and are ready to harness that power to supercharge your business, you can start your free Ideas Lite trial now.  


A huge thank you to Charlotte Roberts, People Marketing Associate at Bytron for speaking to us and sharing their stories.


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