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Our integrated approach removes the barriers to innovation, ensuring that more ideas are generated, and the best ones are brought to life faster.

Step 1 » a better way to collect ideas

Employees wanted an easier way to submit ideas and collaborate. So we built a way to collect them on Yammer and Workplace. 

Step 2 » a better way to manage ideas

Teams wanted a scalable way to manage ideas and surface the best ideas quickly. So we built a platform to remove the stress.

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Get more ideas

Remove friction by utilising the tools your people use everyday

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Make better decisions

Automate the review process
and surface the best ideas fast

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Measure success

Reveal the impact and value
of ideas to your business

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Don't just take our word for it! 

"We didn't want to introduce 'yet another app'. We wanted to spark collaboration around ideas in the places where it happens naturally."

Lesley Parker, Innovation Lead at Severn Trent