Award wins 2023

Sideways 6 Customers Triumph at Industry Awards for Outstanding Employee Engagement Initiatives

London - December 2023

Balfour Beatty and Marks & Spencer sweep prestigious industry awards for giving employees a voice.

Sideways 6, a pioneer in integrating employee ideas into business strategies, proudly announces the remarkable achievements of customers Balfour Beatty and Marks & Spencer, at prestigious industry award events.

Balfour Beatty was honored with the "Best Use of Voice of the Employee" award at the Engage Awards for its innovative My Contribution (MyC) program powered by the Sideways 6 platform. Launched in 2015, MyC is part of Balfour Beatty’s Build to Last transformation strategy, which emphasizes the importance of employee engagement and innovation. Through MyC, employees across the organization contribute ideas that enhance productivity and foster a collaborative culture. To date, MyC has collected over 13,200 ideas, leading to significant improvements across the company, including £64 million in cost savings and enhancing employee engagement scores from 63% to 81%.

Marks & Spencer received the "Best Use of an Employee Social Network" accolade at the Simplys Awards. Their pioneering initiative, "Straight to Stuart" powered by the Sideways 6 platform, connects colleagues directly with CEO Stuart Machin, promoting transparency and direct communication across all levels. This platform has been instrumental in fostering a culture of open dialogue and rapid innovation within the company.

Sideways 6 CEO Will Read says:

“We are thrilled to see Balfour Beatty and Marks & Spencer receive such distinguished recognition for their commitment to employee engagement and innovation. These awards underscore the power of giving employees a voice and the transformative impact it can have on an organization. We look forward to continuing our support for Balfour Beatty, Marks & Spencer, and all our customers in their journeys towards enhanced engagement and innovation.”


About Sideways 6 

Founded in 2014, Sideways 6 is a leading idea management software company headquartered in London, UK. Committed to bringing good ideas to life every day, everywhere, and from everyone, Sideways 6 offers innovative software solutions and related services to help organizations transform their businesses by harnessing the power of employee ideas. As a consistent frontrunner in the integrated idea management space, Sideways 6 has been recognized on for 'Best Support' by its customers. 

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