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Sideways 6 Launches New Lite Plan for Idea Management on Microsoft Teams



Sideways 6, a leading provider of idea management solutions, has announced the launch of a new Lite offer on Microsoft Teams powered by Microsoft Office 365. 

The new Lite offer is designed to meet the needs of small businesses and teams, providing them with a cost-effective way to engage employees in business goals through ideas programs in line with Microsoft’s ambition to encourage companies to do more with less. Built on Sideways 6 existing integration with Microsoft, 9 years of expertise in powering companies to collect, manage and consistently identify the best ideas at scale, engaging over 4M employees worldwide, this new offer is set to equip smaller teams with equally effective technology.

Sideways6’s new app Includes core features such as idea submission, liking, and commenting, and is designed especially for Teams for maximum adoption. The app allows customers to access all the basic features and functionalities needed to collect, interact, manage and identify the best ideas to bring to life and transform their business. 

“At Sideways 6 we’re passionate about employee ideas and believe that great idea management should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of their team. The Lite plan integration on Microsoft Teams is a step towards making that a reality; it is a great solution for small teams with huge ambitions." said Will Read, CEO of Sideways 6.  

“We are proud to have developed an offer that is intuitive and accessible on Microsoft Teams. The streamlined Ideas Lite experience will make it plain and simple for everyone to collaborate, find amazing ideas and bring them to life.” said Ege Tunca, Growth Product Lead 

“Built on our collaboration with Sideways 6, this new app supports small businesses with big ideas,” said Sindhu Sundaravadivelu, Senior Product Manager, Teams Platform.” The ease of use and potential it holds helps our customers source ideas and transform their business with Microsoft Teams.”

Ideas Lite is accessible via the Microsoft AppSource, Microsoft Azure the Sideways 6 website with a 30-day free trial.  

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