Sideways 6 announces partnership with innovation specialist Whitespace

UK - 11 May 2023

Sideways 6 is excited to announce our collaboration agreement with Whitespace, innovation specialists driving growth through technology.

Whitespace is a holistic innovation partner, developing digital innovation strategies, design and build technology IP. With a wealth of experience, Whitespace has developed technology for large organisations, including GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, IBM, Pfizer, Crisis, and Coventry University. The Whitespace Innovation Lab drives innovation, collaboration, and productivity - from the initial idea to Proof of Concept, minimal viable product, and implementation.

“Sideways 6 is very excited to be partnering with Whitespace - we were impressed by their wealth of experience in bringing technology ideas to life. We’re confident our customers will find lots of value from this partnership when it comes to turning employee ideas into innovative technology solutions. Many ideas generated through Sideways 6 require an implementation plan that acknowledges the technological challenges and opportunities, so it’s great to offer this expertise to our customers through this partnership.” Joe Chapman, Head of Sales Development and Partnerships at Sideways 6

“In terms of partnership “fit”, this really ticks all boxes. There is a clear synergy of offerings from both Whitespace and Sideways 6 which will benefit clients of both organisations, some of which already overlap. Not only do we have a good technical and product fit, but the team at Sideways 6 also have a similar outlook and vision to Whitespace. They have been a pleasure to work with to date and I look forward to progressing the partnership further with our joint client engagements” – Michael Young, Head of Commercial at Whitespace

Launching today, the partnership will focus on further enhancing the experience of Sideways 6 platform users and creatively unlocking the potential of digital retail innovation. Watch this space for exciting outputs as they happen!

About Whitespace

Whitespace is a holistic innovation partner, partnering with you to develop your digital innovation strategy, rapidly design and build technology IP, or enable collaborative innovation through our extensive network of parts SMEs and community. With a clear focus on your business outcomes and budget, we act as a natural extension of your team; from discovery to delivery, we support your company's vision to drive growth through technology. 

For more information, visit Whitespace's website

About Sideways 6 

Founded in 2014, Sideways 6 is a leading idea management software company headquartered in London, UK. Committed to bringing good ideas to life every day, everywhere, and from everyone, Sideways 6 offers innovative software solutions and related services to help organizations transform their businesses by harnessing the power of employee ideas. As a consistent frontrunner in the integrated idea management space, Sideways 6 has been recognized on g2.com for 'Best Support' by its customers. 

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