The Buyer's Guide to Idea Management Software 

Learn how to choose the right idea management solution for you, be that buying enterprise software or taking a bootstrapping approach


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Thinking about collecting employee ideas?

So, you want to harness the ideas of your employees and have been thinking of using idea management software?

But how do you know if now is the right time to get the software? How do you differentiate between vendors? And how do you identify which features are most important?

Well, we have the guide for you!

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Buyers Guide

Understand to succeed


Find the right solution

If you are new to the world of employee ideas or are looking to upgrade or improve your existing programme, it's important to understand the different approaches.

With this guide, you'll be empowered to identify your perfect software and the best approach for you. If to begin with your best option is to bootstrap your new project, we'll point you towards some useful free resources to get your initiative off the ground.

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Employee ideas initiatives give you a lot to think about and our customers have given us great insight into their journey to success. Hopefully, this guide will help you along your own journey!
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This eBook includes a decision-making flow chart to help you understand the best approach for you and your business, a deep dive into the different pieces of functionality available on the market and an idea management template to help you take the first step if you are bootstrapping. 

Download the eBook now and get informed on the why, when and how of choosing the right ideas solution for your business.

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No idea is too small. Any idea has the potential to change things for the better

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The Buyers Guide To Idea Management Software

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