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Presenting top campaign ideas to engage employees and crowdsource ideas in a changing work environment. 


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The Changing Environment

Employee ideas today

In today's volatile economic climate, organizations must prioritize employee retention by leveraging their potential.

Call it the "Great Resignation," the "Big Quit," or the "Great Reshuffle," businesses are facing great challenges in employee attrition. Coupled with an unpredictable economy and a growing Gen Z workforce who value more than remuneration, the world of work has undoubtedly changed. Whether you are solving business challenges, driving efficiencies, or genuinely making employees feel heard, listening to employee ideas and insights is key to mitigating today's business challenges.

It's never been more important for companies to be efficient and grow a deep understanding of their own workforce. 

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Why we exist

It’s time to start listening

The way we work has changed. It’s no longer an option to listen to employees. If you want to keep your people loyal and engaged, it’s an obligation.

  • Expectations: 82% of employees have ideas. A third feel they are ignored
    (CEO Today)
  • Impatience: 43% of millennials expect to leave their job within 2 years
  • Expense: Maintaining productivity, culture and employee wellbeing is a key focus

Research shows that companies who listen to their employees are 21% more profitable and have 24% lower turnover in staff (Gallup).

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It is critical that you ask your employees to voice their ideas. By showing them you care about what they think, you’ll have stronger buy-in for the initiatives you eventually prioritize.
Atta Tarki, Paul Levy and Jeff Weiss Harvard Business Review


Finding ideas that inspire

No one knows your business better than your employees.

But crafting a compelling ideas campaign to engage your employees can be tricky. It requires:

  • Clear objectives
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Thoughtful implementation
  • Measurable business impact
  • …and a sprinkling of creative magic!

We’ve put together a selection of fantastic campaigns ideas to help you inspire your employees and stories of companies
that had a lasting impact. Download the Lookbook and enjoy!

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Listen to employees and you’ll build trust, grow loyalty and strengthen relationships in ways unseen during calmer times.
Will Read Sideways 6

Inspiring Ideas

Employee Campaign ideas

We've put together a selection of our favourite campaign ideas with real-life examples to show how far the business benefits can stretch. You'll find campaigns on:

  • Product innovation How to find new product ideas that make a difference to the bottom line
  • Business efficiencies: Reducing costs and saving time with ideas.
  • Employee engagement: From employee experience to increasing eNPS. 
  • Building a corporate culture: The importance of a listening leadership and the impact of building a continuous improvement culture. 
  • Sustainability: Crowdsourcing on specific core business goals.

And so much more.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.


Margaret Mead American cultural anthropologist

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